§ 153.001 PURPOSE.
   The purpose of the subdivision regulations set forth in this chapter shall be to guide and regulate the planning, subdividing, and development of land in order to promote and protect the public health, safety, convenience, comfort, prosperity and general welfare of the city, and to provide for the orderly development of the land to obtain harmonious and stable neighborhoods, light and air and avoidance of congestion of population; safe and convenient vehicular and pedestrian circulation, access of fire-fighting apparatus and police vehicles; adequate and economical provisions for utilities and public services or conserve the public funds; ample public open spaces for schools, recreational and other purposes; accurate surveying of land, preparing and recording of plats, discouraging the premature, uneconomical or scattered subdivisions; coordination of land development in accordance with the zoning code, comprehensive land use and thoroughfare plan and other plans of the city.
('65 Code, § 1371.01) (Ord. 2917, passed 7-21-64)