The Director of Public Service shall promulgate Engineering Rules and Regulations to establish design criteria, details, notes and specifications to assure satisfaction of the purposes of this chapter. Unless otherwise provided in a petition accepted by Council in accordance with § 153.039, each subdivider at his or her own cost shall improve the subdivision with the following improvements and shall provide land for necessary public needs of the subdivision.
   (A)   Land. Right-of-way for crosswalks and the opening or extension of any street within or on the boundary of the subdivision which shall be dedicated by the developer, and all easements for drainage channels and the extension of utilities shall be provided. Land for public use, as shown on the Land Use and Thoroughfare Plan, or as determined by the Planning Commission, shall be provided in accord with this chapter.
   (B)   Improvements. The improvements shall be required as indicated below for all subdivisions within the corporation limits, and for all subdivisions outside the corporate limits with reasonable access to central sanitary sewer, as determined by the Planning Commission. All improvements shall be constructed in accordance with this chapter, the current Engineering Rules and Regulations, as well as all federal, state and county regulations having jurisdiction over the proposed development. The improvements shall include, but are not limited to:
      (1)   Grading (roadway, drainageways, detention basins, and building sites)
      (2)   Streets (public and private)
      (3)   Curbs and/or curb and gutters, gutters
      (4)   Sidewalks, curb ramps, drive aprons, and 100-year overflow swales
      (5)   Storm sewers, storm laterals, culverts, drainage ways and detention systems
      (6)   Sanitary sewers, sanitary laterals, pump stations, and force mains *
      (7)   Water lines, water services, and fire hydrants
      (8)   Street lighting
      (9)   Crosswalks and pedestrian walkways
      (10)   Traffic Control (street signs, street name signs, traffic signals)
      (11)   Street trees (as approved by the Shade Tree Commission)
      (12)   Centerline monuments and property pins
   (C)   Improvements not in city limits. All subdivisions outside the corporation limits with reasonable access to city central sanitary sewer must extend sanitary sewer improvements as required by the Medina County Health Department and/or the Medina County Engineering Code for subdivision development. Sanitary sewer improvements shall be designed in accordance with City Engineering Rules and Regulations and approved by the city. The roadway improvements shall be designed in accordance with the Medina County Engineering code and approved by the Medina County Engineer.
   (D)   Utilities. All utility transmission and distribution lines for electric, telephone, and cable television shall be underground for all subdivisions unless otherwise approved by the Planning Commission, the City Engineer, and the utility department or company.
(‘65 Code, § 1383.02) (Ord. 20-89 passed 4-4-89; Am. Ord. 08-026, passed 6-3-08)