(a)   Intent. It is the intent of the PUD district within this section to provide flexibility from conventional zoning regulations to promote mixed-use development, well-planned campus institutional, and flexible high-density single-family cluster development with increased public review consistent with the Shape Sioux Falls 2035 Comprehensive Plan—chapter 5. The following planned unit development districts are enumerated within this section and provide development options for campus-style, mixed-use, and high-density residential development projects:
      (1)   Institutional Campus PUD (S-2-PUD)
      (2)   Downtown PUD (DT-PUD)
      (3)   Village PUD (V-PUD)
      (4)   Pedestrian-Oriented Mixed-Use PUD (PO-PUD)
      (5)   Residential Cluster Development PUD (RCD-PUD)
   (b)   Scope. The regulations set forth in §§ 160.441 through §§ 160.452 or set forth elsewhere in this chapter are the district regulations for planned unit development districts.
(1992 Code, App. B, § 15.45.010) (Ord. 42-83, passed 6-27-1983; Ord. 9-13, passed 3-19-2013)