(a)   Before a building permit can be approved and prior to construction on any lots in the planned unit development zoning district, the petitioner shall submit a final development plan for staff review.
   (b)   Final development plan approval shall expire one year from the date upon which it becomes effective if no work has commenced. Upon written request to the planning director and prior to the final development plan approval expiration date, a time extension for the final development plan approval may be granted.
   (c)   The final development plan shall show the following information:
      (1)   The subdivision name, the legal description, and the individual project name (if any).
      (2)   Boundaries of the subarea or subareas submitted for approval superimposed on the map of the initial development plan.
      (3)   A subdivision plat of the subarea or subareas submitted for approval in compliance with § 157.066 of this Code [the plat].
      (4)   A scale drawing showing the following information will be required:
         A.   Size and location of proposed structures, including height and number of units.
         B.   Calculated floor area for each structure, and a generic listing of the uses within the structure.
         C.   Off-street parking lot arrangement designating all parking spaces, off-street loading spaces and any outdoor trash container.
         D.   Any sidewalks, bikeways or other paths.
         E.   Any outdoor lighting, type, and location, except for standard street lights provided by the city.
         F.   Landscaping plans showing the type and location of any walls or fences, the placement, size and species of any trees or shrubs and berms in areas that will be sod or seeded.
         G.   All existing and proposed utilities, drainage ways, watercourses, and location of above-ground existing utilities on adjacent property.
         H.   Proposed final ground contours.
         I.   Curb cuts and all private drives.
         J.   Adjacent, existing, and proposed uses.
         K.   First-floor elevation for any structure located in a flood hazard area.
         L.   Accurate building elevation of all proposed structures.
         M.   Documentation of the ownership and maintenance responsibility of any common open spaces, structures, or facilities, including private streets.
         N.   Any required open areas as shown on the initial development plan. Open spaces may be included in a required yard with an alternative site plan for common open space, but shall be located in the same subarea it is intended to serve.
         O.   Proposed parking and loading spaces which shall be in conformance with §§ 160.550 through 160.556, except where unique physical, environmental or design characteristics make those requirements undesirable.
(1992 Code, App. B, § 15.45.050) (Ord. 42-83, passed 6-27-1983; Ord. 21-93, passed 3-1-1993; Ord. 109-09, passed 12-7-2009; Ord. 9-13, passed 3-19-2013)