§ 160.442 PROCEDURE.
   (a)   PUD zoning request. A petitioner shall submit a request indicating the type of PUD zoning district; follow all requirements of §§ 160.650 et seq. (Change of Zone) and be consistent with the regulations of the requested PUD district; and the Shape Sioux Falls 2035 Plan. An initial development plan may be required for zoning approval by the Planning Commission contingent upon city council approval of the PUD rezoning.
   (b)   Initial development plan.
      (1)   When a petitioner is ready to proceed with development within the planned unit development district, the petitioner shall submit an initial development plan to the planning department, showing the information specified in § 160.444.
      (2)   This request for an initial development plan is subject to the requirements for amendment of the regulations specified in §§ 160.447. No building permit shall be issued within the development until the final development plan is approved and the plat is filed.
      (3)   Before any action shall be taken by the planning commission, the applicant shall first file with the department of planning and building services a certificate verifying that said signs have been posted at the proper location before the time specified by this section.
   (c)   Final development plan. Prior to construction on any lots in the planned development, the petitioner shall submit a final development plan showing the information specified in § 160.444, to the planning staff, who shall approve or deny based upon conformance with the initial development plan and standards of the planned unit development district. Submittal and conformance standards for final development plans are below in § 160.445 and § 160.446.
   (d)   Amendments. Amendments to the initial development plan shall be required to be approved with a public hearing in the same manner as provided for in § 160.443.
   (e)   Conditional use permits. The planning commission or the city council in issuance of the conditional use permit shall impose conditions as appropriate and necessary to ensure compliance with the comprehensive plan and protect the health, safety, and general welfare. Any conditional use permit approved by the planning commission shall conform to the minimum standards set forth in § 160.616.
After a public hearing held in the same manner as set forth in § 160.609, a conditional use permit may be authorized by the planning commission when listed as an eligible form and conditional use within a Planned Unit Development District.
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