General Provisions
   51.01   Definitions
   51.02   Discharging storm and surface waters into sanitary sewer
   51.03   Permitted drainage area
   51.04   Septic tank or sewage disposal unit
   51.05   Tampering with or injuring sewer or appurtenances
   51.06   Disposition of funds
Sewer Connections
   51.15   Permit required to make connection
   51.16   Application for sewer permit
   51.17   Permit fees
   51.18   Connection outside city limits
   51.19   Size of connection running from building
   51.20   Notification for inspection before connection made
   51.21   Responsibility for maintenance of connection
   51.22   Defective connection; serving notice; failure to comply
Sewer Tappers
   51.35   License required to engage in business of making connections
   51.36   License fee
   51.37   Bond required
   51.38   Record of licensed sewer tappers to be kept
   51.39   Revocation of license
   51.40   Deposit required for restoration of streets and sidewalks
   51.41   Responsibility for damages
Sanitary Sewage Facilities
   51.55   Adequate sanitary sewers must be provided
   51.56   Permit for construction of building
   51.57   Approval of facilities
   51.58   Depth requirements; drainage from driveways