(A)   In the event that by reason of a defective private sewer connection, damage shall be occasioned to a city street or to street or sidewalk paving, the Building Inspector shall notify the property owner to take immediate steps to repair the defect and damage. Upon receipt of the notice, the property owner or a representative shall apply at the Building Inspector's office for the necessary permit and shall make a deposit in the amount required for the making of a street opening.
   (B)   Notice required by this section may be served on the property owner personally, by mail, or by delivery to any occupying lessee or tenant, if the owner does not reside on the premises.
   (C)   If the property owner shall fail, within 15 days after the issue of notice from the Building Inspector to make the required application for a street opening permit, the city shall undertake the work of repairing the sewer connection and restoring the street and pavement, and shall charge the cost thereof, including permit fee, to the owner.
('91 Code § 51.22)  (Ord. 1853, passed 8-7-52)