General Provisions
   50.001   Authority to establish sewage works
   50.002   Authority of town to prohibit or restrict admission of certain wastes to sewage system
   50.003   Power of town to adopt further regulations and procedures for operation and maintenance of sewage works
   50.004   Definitions
   50.005   Non-abnegation of further public health regulations
   50.006   General restriction on discharge of wastewater and polluting waters
   50.007   Subordination of provisions and standards to state and federal requirements
   50.008   Notice to abate
   50.009   Standards for work in regulated drains
   50.010   Contracts required for new industrial sewer users
Building Sewers; Sewer Connections; Permits
   50.020   Connection to available public sewer; when required; use of private sewage disposal systems when public sewer not available
   50.021   Cost of required building sewer to be borne by owner; general indemnity requirements
   50.022   Sewer connection permit required; application process and requirements
   50.023   Classes of sewer permits; permit and inspection fees
   50.024   Qualifications of person performing work on building sewers; bond and insurance
   50.025   Conditions of sewer permits; capacity requirements
   50.026   Conditions of sewer permits; inspection and approval by town; certificate of approval
   50.027   General design and layout requirements for building sewers
   50.028   Installation of building sewers; safeguarding of excavation; restoration of public property
Admissibility of Wastes; Pre-Treatment
   50.040   Installation of garbage grinders; certain grinders requiring approval of Superintendent
   50.041   Discharge of unpolluted waters to sanitary sewers restricted; exception
   50.042   Mandatory or permissible discharge of unpolluted waters to storm sewers or natural outlets
   50.043   Certain substances prohibited from public sewers
   50.044   Discretionary exclusion or condition of certain substances; powers of Superintendent
   50.045   Substances governed by § 50.044; alternative requirements or conditions when found deleterious
   50.046   Notice to town of unusual flows or wastes
   50.047   Cooling waters containing insoluble oil, grease or suspended solids
   50.048   When grease, oil and sand interceptors required; design of interceptors
   50.049   Wastes from major contributing industries
   50.050   Admission and treatment by special agreement permitted
   50.051   Pre-treatment and flow-equalizing facilities; review and approval by Superintendent
   50.052   Maintenance and inspection of pre-treatment facilities
   50.053   Inspection, testing and maintenance; general power to enter upon properties; inquiries into industrial processes
   50.054   Observance of safety rules; indemnification of commercial concerns
   50.055   Right of access to public sewer easements
   50.056   Right to require non-residential users to provide wastewater information costs
   50.057   Control manhole for industrial users; specifications; maintenance; access
   50.058   Testing of wastewater to determine specific sewer charges; costs
   50.059   Standards and methods of testing
Rates and Charges; Billing
   50.070   General character and application of sewer rates and charges
   50.071   User charges subject to EPA regulations
   50.072   Base monthly rate; volumetric charge
   50.073   Residential multi-unit consumers on single meter; method of determining charge
   50.074   Other residential users on single meter; method of determining charge
   50.075   High-volume water consumers not discharging all water to sewage system; measurement and adjustment of sewage volume
   50.076   Unmetered or partially metered water users; determination of sewage volume; applicable equivalent rates
   50.077   Surcharges and other costs; surcharges for abnormal BOD and suspended solids treatment
   50.078   Recovery of industrial monitoring costs
   50.079   Special sewage treatment rate contracts authorized
   50.080   Billing period and payment due date
   50.081   Billings to tenants in lieu of owner procedure; obligation of owner
   50.082   Delinquent payments; penalty charge
   50.083   Disconnection for late payment
   50.084   Biennial review
Sanitary Sewer Construction Standards
   50.090   General
   50.091   Quality assurance
   50.092   Standards
   50.093   Products
   50.094   PVC or ABS pipe - gravity
   50.095   PVC pipe - force main
   50.096   Ductile iron pipe (DIP) - gravity
   50.097   Ductile iron pipe (DIP) - force main
   50.098   Manhole and accessories
   50.099   Execution
   50.100   Installation of sewer pipe
   50.101   Installation of manholes
   50.102   Sanitary sewer testing
   50.103   Manhole vacuum testing
Storm Sewer Construction Standards
   50.115   Scope
   50.116   Quality assurance
   50.117   Standards
   50.118   Products
   50.119   Corrugated metal pipe (CMP)
   50.120   Reinforced concrete pipe (RCP)
   50.121   High density polyethylene pipe (HDPE)
   50.122   Polyvinyl chloride pipe (PVC)
   50.123   Perforated corrugated plastic pipe (PCPP)
   50.124   Catch basins, inlets, and accessories
   50.125   Manholes and accessories
   50.126   Execution
   50.127   Installation of sewer pipe
Administrative Enforcement Remedies
   50.980   Notification of violation
   50.981   Consent orders
   50.982   Show cause hearing
   50.983   Compliance orders
   50.984   Cease and desist orders
   50.985   Administrative fines
   50.986   Emergency suspensions
   50.987   Termination of discharge
Judicial Enforcement Remedies
   50.990   Injunctive relief
   50.991   Civil penalties
   50.992   Criminal prosecution
   50.993   Remedies nonexclusive
   50.999   Penalty
   Appendix: Sanitary sewer diagrams