§ 41.021  NOTICE
   It shall be unlawful for any person to conduct any facility work in, under or above any public way without having delivered or postmarked a notice as required herein, or without complying with the provisions hereof, or in violation of or at variance from any terms or conditions imposed by city officials pursuant hereto as to any permitted facility work.  The person actually performing the work shall give the required notice unless it is agreed that the person for whom the work is to be performed shall do so.  The Director of Public Works/City Engineer may order immediately closed and restored in accordance with this chapter any facility work site commenced or continued without proper notice having been given.  The notice shall be delivered or postmarked to the Director of Public Works/City Engineer, on forms provided by the city, and shall state the locations of the intended facility work site(s), the size thereof, the purpose therefor, the person for whom the work is being done, the person doing the actual work, the individual supervising the work, the manner and material to be used in any backfilling, the beginning and completion times, the indemnity furnished, and such other information as may be required by the Director of Public Works/City Engineer.  Notices shall further contain an agreement to comply with all ordinances, laws, and any advance terms and conditions of the city relating to the work to be done.  Separate notice shall be filed for each facility work site, regardless of proximity to others.
(1986 Code)  (Am. Ord. 2017-10-19(B), passed 10-19-17; Am. Ord. 2019-08-15(B), passed 8-15-19)