Open trench excavation shall be restored in accordance with the standard methods, which shall govern restoration of all excavations in public ways and is not limited to pipe installation trenches.  In addition, only approved dry materials selected from the spoil or obtained elsewhere that will provide a dense, well-compacted backfill shall be used; broken pavement, large stones, roots, vegetation, rubbish, debris, water, and all form material shall be cleared from the excavated pits.  Tunnels shall be backfilled with compacted sand.  Unstable pavement shall be removed over cave-outs and overbreaks and the subgrade shall be treated as the main trench.  Backfill material shall be placed and compacted in uniform horizontal layers not exceeding six (6) inches thick by mechanical tampers approved by the Director of Public Works/City Engineer.  Compaction shall be at least equal to that existing prior to excavation unless otherwise specified by the Director of Public Works/City Engineer in the permit.  The Director of Public Works/City Engineer may require soil tests by a recognized soil testing laboratory at the expense of the person giving notice when he believes backfill is not being adequately compacted.  Surface material shall be restored of the original or equal type material, whether soil, sod, brick, rock, concrete, asphalt, or other paving unless otherwise specified by the Director of Public Works/City Engineer in writing.
(1986 Code)  (Am. Ord. 2017-10-19(B), passed 10-19-17; Am. Ord. 2019-08-15(B), passed 8-15-19)  Penalty, see § 41.999