Starting, Turning, and Stopping
   22-2-1   Starting; backing and turning from curb; yielding right-of-way
   22-2-2   Same; from curb; signaling
   22-2-3   Entering street from alley, private driveway, or road; yielding right-of-way
   22-2-4   Entering through street; at intersection; after stop; yielding right-of-way
   22-2-5   Turning; changing course; stopping; caution; required
   22-2-6   Same; decreasing speed; stopping; signaling; required; when
   22-2-7   Same; signals; manner
   22-2-8   Intersections; unmarked lanes; turns
   22-2-9   Same; multiple lanes; marking
   22-2-10   Same; multiple lanes; turns
   22-2-11   Turn restrictions; resolutions
   22-2-12   Same; West Railway Street; southeast bound traffic; right lane
   22-2-13   Same; West Railway Street; southeast bound traffic; left lane
   22-2-14   U-turns; limitation
   22-2-15   Crossing street; prohibited; exceptions
   22-2-16   Multiple lanes; operation within
   22-2-17   Stop signs; streets; alleys
   22-2-18   Same; erection
   22-2-19   Same; stopping vehicles at; required
   22-2-20   Same; Broadway Avenue and West Railway Street intersection; southbound traffic
   22-2-21   Pedestrian crossings; marking
   22-2-22   Same; stopping; operation of vehicle
   22-2-23   Reserved
   22-2-24   Traffic signals; erection; operation
   22-2-25   Same; stopping; turning; precautions
   22-2-26   Same; turns; directional arrows; obedience required
   22-2-27   Same; pedestrians; entering intersections
   22-2-28   Crossing sidewalk; stopping; warning; caution; required
   22-2-29 – 22-2-35   Reserved
Following and Overtaking
   22-2-36   Following another vehicle; safe distance; required
   22-2-37   Overtaking vehicle; crossing centerline; restrictions
   22-2-38   Same; side; restrictions
   22-2-39   Overtaken vehicle; yielding right-of-way; increasing speed prohibited
   22-2-40   Driving abreast; prohibited; exceptions
   22-2-41   Overtaking; at intersections; railroad crossing; prohibited; exceptions
   22-2-42 – 22-2-45   Reserved
   22-2-46   Oncoming vehicles; passing; to right
   22-2-47   Intersections; vehicles; right-of-way
   22-2-48   Same; particular streets and intersections
   22-2-49   Pedestrian crosswalks; pedestrians; right-of-way
   22-2-50   Pedestrians; jay-walking; vehicles; right-of-way
   22-2-51 – 22-2-54   Reserved
   22-2-55   General restriction; reasonableness; prudence
   22-2-56   Particular streets; speed limits; creation; authorized
   22-2-57   Same; marking
   22-2-58   Near schools; limit
   22-2-59   Alleys; limit
   22-2-60   Racing vehicles; prohibited
   22-2-61   Unlawful speed; right-of-way; forfeited
   22-2-62 – 22-2-64   Reserved
Three-Lane Streets
   22-2-65   Three-lane streets; designated; marking
Four-Lane Streets
   22-2-66   Four-lane streets; designated; marking
   22-2-67   Double yellow line; crossing; prohibited; exceptions
   22-2-68   White line; driving astraddle; restriction
   22-2-69   Overtaking vehicles; requirements
   22-2-70   Right and left turns; restrictions
   22-2-71– 22-2-74   Reserved
Five-Lane Streets
   22-2-75   Five-lane streets; designated; marking
   22-2-76   Same; inside and outside lanes; turns
   22-2-77   Same; center lane and turns
Through Streets
   22-2-78   Through streets; designated
   22-2-79 – 22-2-82   Reserved
Commercial Vehicle Routes
   22-2-83   Commercial vehicle routes; designated; marking
   22-2-84   Same; operation; moving
   22-2-85   City delivery trucks; routes
   22-2-86   Same; operation
   22-2-87 – 22-2-90   Reserved
One-Way Streets and Alleys
   22-2-91   One-way streets and alleys; resolutions; marking
   22-2-92   One-way streets and alleys; prohibitions
   22-2-93 – 22-2-95    Reserved
Special Regulations for Semi-Public Places
Part 1. General Provisions
   22-2-96   No parking and fire lane zones; prohibitions
   22-2-97   Other traffic regulations
Part 2. Scottsbluff School District
   22-2-98   School District premises; parking; request
   22-2-99   Drawing; Senior High School
   22-2-100   Drawing; Middle School
   22-2-101   No parking, loading, and handicappeds’ parking and fire lane zones; established
   22-2-102   Signs
   22-2-103 – 22-2-106   Reserved
Part 3. Western Nebraska Community College Area
   22-2-107   Off-street parking; regulations
   22-2-108   No parking, loading, and handicappeds’ parking zones; established
   22-2-109   No parking zones; marking
   22-2-110   Pedestrian crosswalks; established; marking
   22-2-111   Reserved
Part 4. Other Places
   22-2-112   McDonald’s Restaurant turn restriction while exiting from parking lot; request
   22-2-113   Arby’s Restaurant turn restriction while existing from parking lot; request
   22-2-114   Regional West Medical Center; traffic operation and speed of motor vehicles on Rugger Drive; request
   22-2-115 – 22-2-117   Reserved
Miscellaneous Provisions
   22-2-118   Keeping to right; generally
   22-2-119   Slowly moving vehicles; keeping to right; generally
   22-2-120   Backing; caution; required
   22-2-121   Public and crowded places; approaching
   22-2-122   Emergency vehicles; article; not applicable to; exceptions
   22-2-123   Same; right-of-way; other vehicles; stop; required
   22-2-124   Funeral processions; driving through; prohibited; exceptions
   22-2-125   Coasting; in neutral gear; on down grades; prohibited
   22-2-126   Careless driving; prohibited
   22-2-127   Reckless driving; prohibited
   22-2-128   Same; indifferent and wanton disregard
   22-2-129   Same; willful disregard
   22-2-130   Careless, reckless, and willful reckless driving; applicability of provisions; where
   22-2-131   Accidents; stopping vehicle; information; aid; report; required
   22-2-132   Unnecessary smoke, gas, steam, and odors; prohibited
   22-2-133   “Deaf child playing” or “deaf child at play” sign on Avenue F