General Provisions
   22-6-1   Diagonal parking; where; marking
   22-6-2   Parallel parking
   22-6-3   Direction
   22-6-4   Parallel parking; marking
   22-6-5   Marked parking spaces; parking within; driving
   22-6-6   Parking zones; time limits
   22-6-7   Restricted to use or type of vehicle
   22-6-8   Parking restrictions; signs; curb painting
   22-6-9   Loading zones; designated; restrictions
   22-6-10   Passenger loading; schools
   22-6-11   Bus parking and  stops; designated; restrictions; marking; general
   22-6-12   School buses
   22-6-13   No parking zones
   22-6-14   No parking zones; designation; marking
   22-6-15   Intersections; near; prohibited; marking; exceptions
   22-6-16   Stop signs; near; prohibited
   22-6-17   Alley entrances; projecting into; prohibited
   22-6-18   Fire hydrants: near; prohibited; marking
   22-6-19   Alleys; restrictions
   22-6-20   Obstructing and impeding traffic; prohibited; exceptions
   22-6-21   Unattended vehicles; precautions
   22-6-22   Parking; maximum period
   22-6-23   Markings and designations; by private persons; prohibited
   22-6-24   Private premises; unauthorized parking; posting
   22-6-25   City premises; parking; signs
   22-6-26   Winter’s Creek Canal; vehicles; prohibited
   22-6-27   Limited time parking; enforcement; notice; fees; exceptions
   22-6-28   Citation; arrest; prosecution; penalties
   22-6-29 – 22-6-32   Reserved
   22-6-33   Trucks; certain streets; restrictions; general
   22-6-34   Certain streets and alleys; maximum length; combinations and tandem wheels prohibited
   22-6-35   Commercial vehicles; restrictions; permits
   22-6-36   Trucks; residential zones
   22-6-37   End gate extended; restrictions
   22-6-38   Truck parking zone; creation; marking
   22-6-39   Vehicles using; restrictions
Municipal Lots
   22-6-40   Municipal parking lots; designated
   22-6-41   Entrance and exit; marking; location
   22-6-42   Limited parking; creation; marking
   22-6-43   Limited parking; violations
   22-6-44   Limited parking; permit; fee
   22-6-45   Limited parking; permit; display
   22-6-46   Provisions; applicability
Handicapped Parking
   22-6-47   Handicapped parking spaces; authorized; marking; permit display
   22-6-48   Parking; requirement
   22-6-49   Permit; eligibility
   22-6-50   Permit; application
   22-6-51   Permit; vehicle used for transportation
   22-6-52   Fee
   22-6-53   Limit
   22-6-54   Limit; exception
   22-6-55   Citation
   22-6-56   Restricted use; alteration; false information; prohibited
   22-6-57   Penalty
   22-6-58    – 22-6-60Reserved
Snow Emergency Routes
   22-6-61   Snow emergency routes; designated
   22-6-62   Prohibition of parking on snow emergency routes
   22-6-63   Emergency declaration
   22-6-64   Operation of motor vehicles on snow emergency routes or designated arterial and residential streets
   22-6-65   Windrows and removal of vehicles
   22-6-66   Curb sidewalk areas and private driveways
   22-6-67   Violation of vehicles parking on emergency snow routes