18.09.030   Home occupations.
   A.   General Standards. Home occupations are permitted so long as they meet the following standards:
      1.   A home occupation permit is required to be obtained from the chief zoning inspector:
         a.   The home occupation permit shall apply only to a full time occupant of the dwelling.
         b.   If there is a change in use, a new home occupation permit shall be required.
      2.   The home occupation must be conducted and visible only from within a dwelling or an accessory building of not more than two hundred square feet.
      3.   There shall be no exterior public display of stock-in-trade upon the premises.
      4.   Not more than one nonresident of the premises is employed.
      5.   Not more than one-fourth of the floor area and one story of the main dwelling or an accessory building of not more than two hundred square feet in area shall be used for the home occupation.
      6.   No equipment or material associated with the home occupation shall be stored outdoors.
      7.   Any new structure or proposed changes to an existing structure used in conjunction with the home occupation must be in keeping with the residential character of the dwelling.
      8.   Such occupation shall not cause any sustained, unpleasant, or unusual noises or vibrations, or noxious fumes or odors, or cause any traffic congestions in the immediate neighborhood.
      9.   All parking used in conjunction with the home occupation shall be on site and shall not include commercial parking features such as wheel stops, parking lanes or striping.
      10.   No more than one vehicle shall be used in conjunction with the home occupation. This vehicle shall not exceed eighteen feet in overall length and seven feet in overall height and must be parked on the private property. If the vehicle displays any advertising or other indication of the home occupation or any product or service, it shall be stored in a carport or garage, or shielded from view from any adjoining properties and the street by landscaping, fencing or any other suitable material.
      11.   Home occupations shall not provide overnight accommodations.
      12.   Home occupations shall serve no more than five clients (including deliveries) in one day and no more than two clients at any one time.
      13.   In accordance with Section 18.79.070(A).
      14.   The following uses shall not be permitted as home occupations:
         a.   Auto repair and service.
         b.   Veterinarian service, kennels, and pet grooming.
         c.   Commercial food preparation.
         d.   Mortuary or embalming service.
         e.   Tattoo parlor.
         f.   Welding service.
         g.   Any commercial use not customarily associated with home occupations as a secondary use.
   B.   Child care home service and adult care home service conditions. A child care home service or adult care home service shall meet all of the conditions of subsection A of this section, except as modified as follows:
      1.   Child care home services or adult care home services shall be provided for no more than ten persons.
      2.   During the hours of activity of the child care or adult care use, the total amount of floor area of the dwelling and outdoor areas and equipment may be devoted to the use.
      3.   No more than two vehicles may be used in conjunction with the use. The vehicles must meet the requirements for a vehicle used in conjunction with a home occupation use.
      4.   For services providing care and supervision for seven to ten persons, or when additional employees up to a maximum of four, beyond the one allowed under Section 18.09.030(A) are required, the following additional requirements shall be met:
         a.   The applicant shall apply to the office of the zoning inspector for approval.
         b.   The application shall include the following:
            1)   Signature of the property owners of record or the authorized agent of the owner,
            2)   A letter of authorization if the property owner is represented by an agent,
            3)   Legal description of the property,
            4)   Site plan,
            5)   Proposed hours of operation of the home service,
            6)   County assessor's map showing the property and all properties within three hundred feet,
            7)   Verification of ownership,
            8)   Fee, in accordance with the standard fee for hearings before the board of adjustment.
         c.   The area where outdoor activities and equipment will be located shall be shown on the site plan submitted with the application. If this area is less than twenty-five feet from an adjacent residential use, it shall be screened by an opaque five-foot fence or wall.
         d.   No more than one child or adult care home service shall be permitted per lot.
         e.   If the zoning inspector determines that the application meets both the general home occupation and the specific home service requirements of this section, the zoning inspector shall send notice of the intent to issue the use permit for the proposed use to property owners within three hundred feet of the subject property.
         f.   If written protest is received within fifteen days of the date of mailing the notice, the application shall be heard by the board of adjustment to determine whether the application meets all requirements for a home service.
         g.   The zoning inspector may issue the permit fifteen days after the date of mailing the notice, if no written protest is received.
         h.   Upon receipt of a license, or certification from the state of Arizona, a copy of the license or certification shall be provided to the zoning inspector. The child care or adult care provider shall comply with the state of Arizona licensing or certification requirements and provide proof of compliance to Pima County at or before the time of completing the zoning approval process.
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