18.09.060   Lot development option.
   A.   Purpose. The purpose of this option is to:
      1.   Permit the efficient use of land;
      2.   Encourage originality, flexibility and innovation in site planning and architectural design; and
      3.   Permit building location and construction which conserve energy.
   B.   Yard Requirements.
      1.   Front and rear yards shall each be a minimum of twenty feet;
      2.   Side yards shall each be a minimum of eight feet; or
      3.   A main structure may be placed on a side lot line, if the distance between main structures is sixteen feet.
   C.   Application.
      1.   This option shall apply only to new developments which take place entirely under this option unless fifty percent of the owners of the developed lots within the subdivision approve the use of this option.
      2.   It shall apply to properties zoned CR-2, CR-3, CR-4, CR-5, MU, CB-1, and CB-2.
      3.   Structures shall be subject to all other setback requirements of the zone they are in. This option shall not waive any provisions of the county building codes (Title 15 of this code) or any other codes or policies.
   D.   Permits.
      1.   The zoning inspector shall issue lot development permits to applicants fulfilling the requirements of this section.
      2.   The applicant shall submit to the zoning inspector:
         a.   A development plan showing to scale all proposed and existing structures on the lot or parcel and all structures on abutting lots or parcels;
         b.   A covenant of record running with the land establishing the rights and responsibilities of abutting property owners where a main structure is on a common lot line; and
         c.   A covenant providing for review by the zoning inspector of additions and modifications to structures in the development after the project is completed.
      3.   No permit shall be issued if:
         a.   Drainage from the proposed structures will adversely affect adjoining property or public rights-of-way;
         b.   Roofs will drain on abutting properties; or
         c.   The location of and activities in the proposed structures will impose objectionable noise on adjoining property.
      4.   Structures other than patio walls shall not be placed on a lot line with another property not a part of the same development.
(Ord. 1985-82 (part), 1985)