51.01   Classification of uses
   51.02   Contract required; unauthorized use
   51.03   Unauthorized tampering; damaging system
   51.04   Duty of police to report damage to system
   51.05   Charges for service calls
   51.06   Billing
   51.07   When bills due and payable
   51.08   Late payment of bill
   51.09   Discontinuance of service for failure to pay bill
   51.10   Electrical rate schedule RS-1 (Residential Service)
   51.11   (Reserved)
   51.12   Contracts required for new or expanded general services
   51.13   Large general services GS-2
   51.14   Customer service choice GS-2SS
   51.15   Power cost adjustment clause charges (PCA)
   51.16   Testing of electrical meters
   51.17   Policies and Procedures Manual adopted
   51.18   Service deposit
   51.19   Service and re-connection charges
   51.20   Temporary service charges
   51.21   Temporary service rates
   51.22   Extension of overhead primary facilities
   51.23   Underground distribution (general provisions)
   51.24   Electric rate schedules — security lighting service fees
   51.25   Small general service GS-1A
   51.26   Large general service GS-2A
   51.27   Large industrial high load factor (HLF) rate schedule
   51.28   Large industrial high consumption rate schedule GS2GE
   51.29   Renewable energy generation
   51.99   Penalty
   Electrical Code, Ch. 151