General Provisions
   52.01   Definitions
   52.02   Contract required; unauthorized use
   52.03   Unauthorized tampering; damaging waterworks property
   52.04   Duty of police to report damage to fireplugs and water system
   52.05   Building sewers and connections
   52.06   Policies and Procedures Manual
   52.07   Standards Manual
Rates, Charges, and Billing
   52.10   (Reserved)
   52.11   Water rates
   52.12   Waterworks connection charges
   52.13   Meter deposits
   52.14   Charge for service calls
   52.15   Free use of sewer prohibited
   52.16   Finding of fact; basis of sewer charge
   52.17   Sewer rates
   52.18   Industrial cost recovery
   52.19   Special rates for unusual uses or occupancies
   52.20   Billing collection
   52.21   Disconnection and reconnection charge
   52.22   Application of water revenue
   52.23   Application of sewer revenue
Sewer Use
   52.30   Prohibited deposits on public or private property
   52.31   Unauthorized tampering with sewage works prohibited
   52.32   Powers and duties of Inspectors
   52.33   Discharges to natural outlets
   52.34   Connection required where public sewer available
   52.35   Private sewage disposal systems
   52.36   (Reserved)
   52.37   Prohibited discharges to sanitary sewer
   52.38   Discharge of unpolluted drainage to storm sewers
   52.39   Prohibited discharges to public sewers
   52.40   Discharge of potentially harmful wastes
   52.41   Interceptors
   52.42   Control manholes
   52.43   Measurements, tests, and analyses
   52.44   Discharges containing certain concentrations prohibited
   52.45   Maintenance of pretreatment or flow-equalizing facilities
   52.46   (Reserved)
   52.47   Hearing Board
   52.48   Backflow prevention; prohibition of cross-connection
   52.49   Federal standards
   52.50   Administration of wastewater permits for industrial discharges
   52.51   Reporting requirements for permittee
   52.52   Permit system
   52.53   Validity
   52.54   Administrative enforcement remedies
   52.55   Judicial remedies
   52.99   Civil and criminal penalties