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SEC. 91.9703. SCOPE.
   (Added by Ord. No. 184,674, Eff. 1/29/17.)
   This division shall apply to all buildings, including existing buildings, that are either:
   1.   Owned by the City of Los Angeles and are 7,500 square feet or more;
   EXCEPTION: Buildings owned by the City that are less than 15,000 square feet are not subject to the requirements of Section 91.9706.
   2.   Privately owned and are 20,000 square feet or more; or
   3.    Owned by a local agency of the state that is required to comply with the City's building ordinances pursuant to Government Code Section 53090, et seq., or successor legislation, and are 20,000 square feet or more.
   EXCEPTION: This division shall not apply to one- and two-family dwellings and related accessory structures; residential hotels as defined by the California Health and Safety Code Section 50519; broadcast antennas; vehicle charging stations; utility pumping stations; treatment facilities; sound stages; structures primarily used for the production and post-production of motion pictures and television, and similar uses; and other buildings not meeting the purpose of this division, as determined by the Department of Building and Safety.