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   (Amended by Ord. No. 171,175, Eff. 7/25/96.)
   The owner of each building within the scope of the division shall cause an investigation of the existing construction and a structural analysis to be made of the building by a civil or structural engineer or architect licensed by the State of California, and if the building does not meet the minimum standards specified in this division, the owner shall cause it to be structurally altered to conform to such standards or cause the building to be demolished.
   The owner of a building within the scope of this division shall comply with the requirements set forth above by submitting to the Department for review within 275 days after the service of the order the following:
   1.   A structural analysis, subject to approval by the Department within the 275 day time period, which demonstrates that the building meets the minimum requirements of this division, or
   2.   A structural analysis and plans for the proposed structural alterations of the building necessary to comply with the minimum requirements of this division, or
   3.   Plans for the demolition of building.  After plans are submitted and approved by the Department, the owner shall obtain a building permit, commence and complete the required construction or demolition within the time limits set forth in Table No. 91-B.  These time limits shall begin to run from the date the order is served in accordance with Sections 91.9106.1 and 91.9106.2 of this Code.  Vacating a building shall not be deemed as complying with the requirements of this division.