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SEC. 91.9101.  PURPOSE.
   (Added by Ord. No. 169,341, Eff. 2/4/94.)
   The purpose of this division is to promote public safety and welfare by reducing the risk of death or injury that may result from the effects of earthquakes on tilt-up concrete wall buildings designed under the building codes in effect prior to January 1, 1976.  Such buildings have been categorized, based on past earthquakes, as being potentially hazardous and prone to significant damage, including possible collapse, in a moderate to major earthquake.
   The provisions of this division are minimum standards for structural seismic resistance established primarily to reduce the risk of life loss or injury on both subject and adjacent properties and will not necessarily prevent loss of life or injury or prevent earthquake damage to an existing building which complies with these standards.  The requirement for compliance with these standards does not preclude the utilization, at the building owner’s option, of more extensive strengthening method that might further prevent or limit loss of life or injury or building damage.  This division shall not require existing electrical, plumbing, mechanical or fire-safety systems to be altered unless they constitute a hazard to life or property.
   This division provides systematic procedures and standards for identification and classification of tilt-up concrete wall building based on the current use of the building.  Priorities, time periods, and standards are also established under which these buildings are required to be structurally analyzed and strengthened for seismic resistance.  Where the analysis determines structural deficiencies, this division requires the building to be strengthened or demolished.