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   For the purpose of this division, certain words and phrases are defined as follows:
   Alarm System shall mean a group of interacting elements consisting of components and circuits arranged to monitor and annunciate the status of gas concentration levels or supervisory signal-initiating devices and to initiate the appropriate response to those signals.
   Buildings with Raised Floor Construction shall mean a building with the bottom of the floor system raised above grade where the clearance for each of the following items shall be at least:  12 inches for the girder, 18 inches for the floor joist and 24 inches for the structural floors.
   Cable or Conduit Seal Fitting shall mean an approved fitting provided in a cable or conduit system to prevent the passage of gases, vapors, or flames through electrical cable or conduit.
   Design Methane Concentration shall mean the highest concentration of methane gas found during site testing.
   Design Methane Pressure shall mean the highest pressure of methane gas found during site testing.
   De-watering System shall mean a permanent water removal system, consisting of perforated pipes, gravel, sump pumps and pits, designed to permanently maintain the ground water level one foot below the sub-slab vent system.
   Gas Detection System shall mean one or more electrical devices that measure the methane gas concentration and communicate the information to the occupants, building management, central station or alarm company with audible or visual signals.
   Gravel Blanket shall mean a layer of gravel, sand, or approved material designed to transmit gas to the vent riser without obstructing the venting system.
   Impervious Membrane shall mean a continuous gas barrier made of material approved by the Department and installed beneath a building for the purpose of impeding methane migration to the interior of the building.
   Mechanical Extraction System shall mean a system operated by a machine which is designed to remove methane gas from below the impervious membrane through the use of fans, blowers, or other powered devices.
   Mechanical Ventilation shall mean a fan, blower or other similar group of interacting elements operated by a machine within the building, which introduce and/or remove air from an enclosed space.
   Narrow Building shall mean a building that has a width less than 50 feet, a footprint of less than 50,000 square feet and having a minimum 2-foot wide landscaped area immediately adjacent to the exterior wall for at least 50 percent of the perimeter of the building.
   Oil Well shall mean a deep hole or shaft sunk into the earth for the exploration of oil or gas; or which is on lands producing or reasonably presumed to contain oil or gas; or which is drilled for the purpose of injecting fluids or gas for stimulating oil recovery, re-pressurizing or pressure maintenance of oil or gas, or disposing of waste fluids from an oil or gas field.
   Perforated Horizontal Pipe shall mean an approved pipe which contains a series of small holes or narrow openings placed equidistant along the length of the approved pipe, which is placed horizontally beneath the foundation of a building, for the purpose of venting accumulated methane gas and preventing the development of elevated gas pressures, or for drainage of ground water to an approved location.
   PPMV shall mean Parts per Million by Volume.
   Pressure Sensor (Deleted by Ord. No. 180,619, Eff. 5/12/09.)
   Single Station Gas Detector shall mean a device consisting of electrical components capable of measuring methane gas concentration and initiating an alarm.
   Trench Dam shall mean an approved subsurface barrier installed within a furrow or ditch adjacent to the foundation of a building, for the purpose of preventing the migration of methane gas beneath that foundation.
   Unobstructed Opening shall mean a permanent clearing or gap in the walls, floors or roof-ceiling assemblies without windows, doors, skylights or other solid barriers that may restrict the flow of air.
   Vent Riser shall mean an approved pipe which is placed vertically  with joints and fittings connected to Perforated Horizontal Pipes to convey and discharge the gas to the atmosphere.