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   A.   (Amended by Ord. No. 131,820, Eff. Eff. 3/28/66.) The Advisory Agency may grant modifications to any of the provisions of this article on its own initiative or upon recommendation of any member of the Subdivision Committee whenever the property to be divided is of such size or shape, is subject to such title limitations of record, is affected by such topographical location or subsurface or topographical conditions, is to be devoted to such use, is subject to such regulation by the provisions of Article 1 of this chapter that it is impractical to conform to the strict application of the requirements of this article.
   B.   Such modification may be made by the Advisory Agency prior to its action on the Tentative Map without specific or written application therefor by the subdivider. After the Tentative Map has been acted upon by the Advisory Agency, however, no such modification may be granted by the Advisory Agency except upon compliance with the following requirements:
   1.   A request for modification shall be submitted by the subdivider in writing, setting forth the facts relied upon.
   2.   Such request shall clearly indicate that the modification is reasonably necessary and is in conformity with the spirit and intent of this article and the Subdivision Map Act.
   C.   The actions of the Advisory Agency on a request for a modification after approval of the Tentative Map may be appealed in the same manner and subject to the same restrictions which apply to appeals from the action of the Advisory Agency on Tentative Maps. However, in no event shall such appeals be construed as extending the time limit within which to record a Final Map.