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   A.   FORMS AND CONTENTS. (Amended by Ord. No. 133,753, Eff. 2/12/67.) Each person applying for approval of a parcel map required by reason of Section 17.50 B. of this Code shall submit a reproducible preliminary Parcel Map to the City Planning Department showing the land to be divided and its proposed division. The map may be prepared by the applicant, except that the Advisory Agency may require the map to be prepared by a licensed land surveyor or registered civil engineer and that it be based upon a field survey when it determines that such is necessary to provide the information required by this section. The map shall be made on one or more sheets of tracing paper or cloth at least 8 1/2 inches by 11 inches but shall not exceed 18 × 26 inches. It shall be legibly drawn using a decimal or an engineer’s scale and shall clearly show the following information:
   1.   The dimensions and record boundaries of the total parcel together with a legal description of the total parcel attached to the map.
   2.   The dimensions and boundaries of each proposed parcel.
   3.   The names, addresses and telephone number of the property owners, the person filing the map, and the registered civil engineer or licensed land surveyor, if any, who prepared the map.
   4.   The abutting streets and alleys and existing surface improvements and proposed dedications and improvements.
   5.   The location of other existing public easements and/or private street easements. (Amended by Ord. No. 176,321, Eff. 1/15/05.)
   6.   In Hillside Areas, the existing contours of the land at intervals of not more than five feet. (Amended by Ord. No. 143,254, Eff. 5/14/72.)
   7.   The accurate location of any structures on the property (Added by Ord. No. 143,254, Eff. 5/14/72.)
   8.   Names or designations for all proposed streets. (Added by Ord. No. 158,691, Eff. 3/12/84.)
   9.   Such other information as the Advisory Agency determines is necessary to properly consider the proposed division. (Redesignated 9, Ord. No. 158,691, Eff. 3/12/84.)
   B.   Incomplete Map. If at any time during the processing of the map it is discovered that the map has been improperly prepared or required pertinent information has not been submitted, the applicant shall be promptly notified in writing by mail of the defect and of further information or correction required The time limits specified hereinafter shall not begin until the omitted or inaccurate information is furnished in a proper manner. (Amended by Ord. No. 130,871, Eff. 9/20/65 )
   C.   Additional Reports. (Added by Ord. No. 143,254, Eff. 5/14/72.) In addition to the preliminary Parcel Map, and when determined by the Superintendent of Building or the City Engineer to be necessary, the following reports shall be submitted to the City Planning Department by the applicant when the property is located in a Hillside Area, as defined in Article 1 of Chapter 9 of this Code
   1.   A geologic report prepared by an engineering geologist, as defined in Article 1 of Chapter 9 of this Code, setting forth all relevant geologic data pertaining to the proposed separate parcels and including separately stated conclusions listing any potential hazards to public health, safety or welfare which may exist on the proposed parcels or which could result from grading or building upon the proposed separate parcels
   2.   A report prepared by a soils engineer, as defined in Article 1 of Chapter 9 of this Code, setting forth sufficient engineering data to explain the proposed solutions to:
   (a)   Any potential geologic hazards disclosed by the geologic report; and
   (b)   Any potential geologic hazards that could be created by the proposed grading.
   D.   Protected Tree or Shrub Reports for Parcel Maps. No application for a preliminary parcel map approval for a parcel where a protected tree or shrub is located shall be considered complete unless it includes a report pertaining to preserving the tree or shrub. The report shall be prepared by a Tree Expert and shall evaluate the subdivider's proposals for protected tree or shrub preservation, removal, replacement and/or relocation. In the event the subdivider proposes any grading, land movement, or other activity within the drip line of any protected tree or shrub referred to in the report, or proposes to relocate or remove any tree or shrub, the report shall also evaluate any mitigation measures proposed by the subdivider and the anticipated effectiveness of preserving the tree or shrub. (Amended by Ord. No. 186,873, Eff. 2/4/21.)