Zoning Maps
   157.001   Establishment
   157.002   Maintenance
   157.003   Location
   157.004   Replacement
District Regulations
   157.015   Division of districts
   157.016   A, agricultural district
   157.017   R-1, residential district
   157.018   R-2, residential district
   157.019   R-3, residential district
   157.020   AB, accommodation business district
   157.021   LB, local business district
   157.022   GB, general business district
   157.023   I, industrial district
   157.024   IR, industrial reserve
   157.025   SC, shopping center
   157.026   Permitted uses
   157.027   Primary and accessory uses
Use Requirements and Restrictions
   157.040   Use requirements; residential
   157.041   Subdivisions; residential use restrictions
   157.042   Restrictions; residential use
   157.043   Restrictions; business use
   157.044   Restrictions; industrial use
General Regulations
   157.055   Building setback
   157.056   Buffering; minimum distances from residential district
   157.057   Buffering; special uses
   157.058   Entrances
   157.059   Fences
   157.060   Parking requirements
   157.061   Restricted zone along streams and flood hazard areas
   157.062   Ponds; fencing requirements
   157.063   Recreational vehicles and travel trailers; restrictions
Signs and Billboards
   157.075   Permitted signs
   157.076   Signs; location restrictions
   157.077   Off-premise commercial signs; restrictions
   157.078   On-premise commercial signs; restrictions
   157.079   Commercial signs; maintenance and removal
   157.080   Existing commercial signs; non-conformity
Paging Towers/Wireless Communications Placement
   157.090   Definitions
   157.091   Requirements
   157.092   Siting hierarchy of wireless communication facilities
   157.093   Development standards
   157.094   Application requirements
   157.095   Construction and non-conforming permits
   157.096   Removal of abandoned wireless communications facilities
   157.097   Cell tower permit fees
Building and Improvement Location Permits
   157.115   Applicability
   157.116   Site plan
   157.117   Special requirements
   157.118   Records
Variances and Special Exceptions
   157.130   Definitions
   157.131   Grounds for variances from development standards
   157.132   Grounds for variances of use
   157.133   Special exceptions
   157.134   Restrictions on transferability
   157.135   Expiration
   157.136   Sanitary landfill and solid waste disposal variance
   157.137   Commitments
   157.138   Wind energy conversion systems
   157.139   Grandfather provision
   Appendix A:     Official Schedule of Uses
   Appendix B:    Residential Lot Area Requirements for Subdivisions
   Appendix C:     Residential Use Restrictions
   Appendix D:     Business Use Restrictions
   Appendix E:     Industrial Use Restrictions
   Appendix F:     Parking Space and Area
   Appendix G:     Off-Street Loading and Unloading
   Administration and enforcement, see §§ 150.15 through 150.21