The following signs are permitted in all districts.
   (A)   “For Sale” or “For Rent” signs.  One “For Sale” or “For Rent” sign, not more than 12 square feet in area, for each dwelling unit, garage, or other quarters where appropriate, shall be permitted.
   (B)   Agricultural signs.  One sign, not more than 32 square feet in area, pertaining to the sale of agricultural products raised on the premises, shall be permitted.
   (C)   Government signs.  Signs established by, or by order of, any government agency shall be permitted.
   (D)   Construction signs.  One sign, not more than 60 square feet in area, for construction and development, giving the name of the contractors, engineers, or architects, shall be permitted, but only during the time that construction or development is actively under way.
   (E)   Event signs. 
      (1)   For an event of public interest such as a county fair or a church event, one sign, not over 32 square feet in area and located upon the site of the event, shall be permitted.  The sign shall not be erected more than 30 days before the event in question and shall be removed immediately after the event.
      (2)   Also permitted are directional signs, not more than three square feet in area, showing only a directional arrow and the name of the event of public interest.  These signs shall not be erected more than 14 days before the event in question and shall be removed immediately after the event. 
      (3)   Street banners shall be permitted subject to the approval of the Board.
   (F)   Real estate development signs.  For each real estate development that has been approved in accordance with Chapter 153 of this code, one sign, not over 300 square feet in area, advertising the sale of property in that subdivision shall be permitted, but only when located on some portion of the subdivision being advertised for sale.  This type of sign may be illuminated.  The sign shall be maintained only during that time when some portion of the land advertised for sale remains unsold.  Permits for this type of sign shall be issued for a one-year period and may be renewed for additional one-year periods to allow time for reasonable display.
   (G)   Flashing or animated signs.  No intermittent flashing or animated signs shall be permitted.
   (H)   Temporary occasion or event signs.  Pennants, banners, portable signs, and/or similar devices may be permitted for special events lasting no more than 90 days per calendar year, provided they are displayed so as not to obstruct a clear view of traffic, traffic lights, and/or signals.  These displays are to be placed entirely within the confines of property displaying the devices and shall be placed off all rights-of-way.  These portable devices shall not emit any flashing lights and/or lighted moving devices.  No more than one portable device shall be displayed on the same parcel of property unless there is a minimum of 60 feet between each device.  No business or on-premise lighted political signs shall be displayed in residential zoning or within 500 feet of residential zoning.  Any or all displays shall be constructed and/or installed and shall be maintained and kept in orderly condition and good repair.  Written permission must be obtained from the Zoning Administrator.
   (I)   Garage or yard signs and sales. 
      (1)   For the purpose of this section, the following definition shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
         GARAGE OR YARD SALE.  A public or private sale conducted by the owner or occupier of a premise, and conducted within a residence, garage, or other accessory buildings, or outside thereof, which sale is of six or more items of personal property owned or in the possession of the owner or occupier of the premises, which personal property was not acquired by the owner or occupier for the purpose of resale.
      (2)   (a)   A garage or yard sale may be conducted three times in any one calendar year on any premises, but no garage or yard sale shall be conducted for more than five consecutive days. 
         (b)   Signs can be posted up to seven days prior to sale day and removed no later than two days after the sale day.
      (3)   The garage or yard sale shall be conducted during the hours from sunrise to sunset.
      (4)   (a)   All personal property exhibited for sale outside any structure during the garage or yard sale shall be removed from the outside and placed within a structure immediately following the last day of the sale. 
         (b)   All signs for the garage or yard sale shall likewise be removed.
(`88 Code, § 8-15)  (Ord. 98-20, passed 11-10-98; Am. Ord. 2000-14, passed 6-13-00)