General Provisions
   51.001   Application of chapter
   51.002   Definitions; abbreviations
   51.003   Deposit of objectionable waste prohibited
   51.004   Discharge without treatment prohibited
   51.005   Conflict with state’s Plumbing Code
   51.006   City to retain ownership of sanitary sewer system
Private Sewage Disposal
   51.020   Prohibited when connection to public sewer system available
   51.021   Privies, privy vaults, septic tanks, cesspools and other facilities
   51.022   Conditions and specifications for private system connection
   51.023   Approvals required for permit issuance
   51.024   Right of access
   51.025   As-built drawings required
   51.026   Operation and maintenance
   51.027   Abandonment of private system when public facilities available
   51.028   Additional agency requirements
   51.040   Connection required
   51.041   Installation and connection of facilities
   51.042   Requirements for private facilities to be connected
   51.043   Sewer connections required for new buildings
   51.044   Extensions and connections within developments; requirements
Water Lines
   51.060   Requirements for water lines
   51.061   Water and sewer lines in same ditch
   51.062   Tiling under residential entrance drives and along residential street frontages
Use of Public Sewers
   51.075   Discharge of unpolluted water prohibited; inspection; disconnection
   51.076   Storm water discharge requirements; compliance by owner
   51.077   Prohibited discharges
   51.078   Grease, oil and sand interceptors
   51.079   Industrial users; information to be filed
   51.080   Installation of control manhole
   51.081   Testing criteria
   51.082   Application for wastewater contribution permit
   51.083   Issuance conditions of permit
   51.084   Promulgation of pretreatment standard; permit revision
   51.085   Duration of permits
   51.086   Transfer of permits
   51.087   Reporting requirements for permittee
   51.088   Monitoring requirements
   51.089   Inspection and sampling
   51.090   Pretreatment
   51.091   Confidential information; release conditions
   51.092   Prevention of accidental discharges; notification of incidents
   51.093   Hauled wastewater
Effluent Limitations
   51.105   Effluent limitations prescribed
   51.106   pH and Temperature restrictions
   51.107   Conflicting regulations
   51.108   Right to establish more stringent requirements reserved
   51.109   Discharge dilution prohibited; exception
   51.110   Use of BMPs
Rates and Charges
   51.120   Schedule of rates and charges
   51.121   Oxygen demand surcharges
   51.122   Special surcharge rates for certain users
   51.123   Suspended solids surcharge
   51.124   Effective surcharge period
   51.125   Water meter
   51.126   Basis for sewer rate
   51.127   Special rates and charges
   51.128   Application for special classification rates and charges
   51.129   Billing; delinquent payment
   51.130   Owner of premises to be billed; tenant may be billed on application
   51.131   Revision of rates and charges
Illicit Discharge and Detection
   51.145   Purpose
   51.146   Definitions
   51.147   Limit of liability
   51.148   Applicability
   51.149   Responsibility for administration
   51.150   Ultimate responsibility
   51.151   Discharge prohibitions/exceptions
   51.152   Prohibition of illicit connections
   51.153   Suspension of MS4 access due to illicit discharges in emergency situations
   51.154   Suspension of MS4 access due to the detection of illicit discharge
   51.155   Industrial or construction activity discharges
   51.156   Monitoring of discharges
   51.157   Requirement to prevent, control and reduce stormwater pollutants by the use of BMPs
   51.158   Notification of spills
   51.159   Cost of abatement of a violation
   51.190   Harmful contributions; suspension of wastewater contribution permit
   51.191   Revocation of wastewater contribution permit
   51.192   Notice of violation; administrative orders/fines
   51.193   Violation; legal action authorized
   51.194   Inspectors; right of entry
   51.195   Effective date; extensions for existing violations
   51.999   Penalty