General Provisions
   99.001   Depositing or leaving litter rubbish or debris upon streets and sidewalks; failure to remove
   99.002   Throwing heavy objects upon streets
   99.003   Burning rubbish on streets
   99.004   Mixing mortar upon pavement
   99.005   Pouring gasoline upon pavement
   99.006   Goods to be received or delivered from alley where possible
   99.007   Unauthorized removal of barriers and barricades
   99.008   Engaging in games or sports
   99.009   Fees for use of rights-of-way
   99.010   Prohibiting the use of public right-of-ways for the purpose of selling goods and solicitations
   99.011   Rules and regulations for right-of-way occupancy and barricade permits
Constructions and Encroachments
   99.020   Obstructing free passage upon streets and sidewalks
   99.021   Obstruction or use of streets and sidewalks in wrecking or razing buildings
   99.022   Corner visibility; sight restrictions
   99.023   Permitting cellar doors to be left open
   99.024   Definitions
   99.025   Placing signs on public land
   99.026   Removal and disposition of illegal signs
Excavations; Opening or Tunneling
   99.030   Permit required
   99.031   Application; issuance; conditions and specifications
   99.032   Records of permits to be obtained
   99.033   Description of routine traffic operations; procedure
   99.045   Materials and specifications for construction
   99.046   Abutting owners not to permit sidewalks to be out of repair
   99.047   Removal of ice, snow and dirt
   99.048   Placing merchandise on sidewalk
Brick Street and Alley Maintenance
   99.050   Brick streets
   99.051   Brick alleys
   99.052   Manner of maintenance
Construction of Driveway Entrances and Approaches
   99.060   Application of provisions
   99.061   Definitions
   99.062   Classes of entrances and approaches
   99.063   Permit required
   99.064   Application for permit; fees
   99.065   New applications
   99.066   Disclosures by applicant
   99.067   Disclosure of intended use
   99.068   Drawing and information
   99.069   Standard specifications and designs
   99.070   Applications for commercial uses
   99.071   Bond and liability insurance required
   99.072   Conditions of approval of permit
   99.073   Final approval of permit
   99.074   Recordation of approved permit
   99.075   Display of permit required
   99.076   Time limit for improvements; cancellation
   99.077   Existing access; changes
   99.078   Authorization for permittee to begin work
   99.079   Construction not to interfere with existing structures
   99.080   Drainage
   99.081   Location of median openings
Moving Houses Over Streets
   99.090   Permit required
   99.091   Application for permit
   99.092   Bond required
   99.093   Buildings to be moved over specified routs
   99.094   Unnecessary delay in moving; occupying street for more than six days
   99.095   Injuring streets while moving
House Numbers
   99.110   Notification as to proper number; placement of numbers on buildings
   99.111   Method of numbering
   99.112   Engineer to divide lots; books of numbers
   99.113   Size and character of numbers
   99.114   Failure to number
Poles and Wires
   99.125   Stringing wires through trees
   99.126   Entering roofs to string wires without permission
   99.127   Permitting employees to enter roofs to string wires without permission
   99.128   Identification and numbering of poles
   99.129   Certain wires to be placed underground; exception
Trees, Shrubs and Flowering Plants
   99.140   Variety of trees permitted to be planted along streets
   99.141   Protection of newly planted trees
   99.142   Location and spacing
   99.143   Removal of unauthorized trees; exception
   99.144   Costs of removal responsibility of property owner
   99.145   Trimming of trees and shrubs duty of property owner
   99.146   Permit required to trim, remove or plant trees, shrubs and the like
   99.147   Powers of Board of Park Commissioners
   99.148   Interference with Park Commissioners or agents prohibited
   99.999   Penalty