(A)   Permit required.  No individual, firm, company or corporation, municipal or otherwise, shall place or erect any wires, cables, poles or other appliances used for any purpose on or above the surface of the streets or public grounds within the limits of the city. Distributing poles may be set on any of the streets or public grounds within the city limits whenever it is impractical to distribute the wires in any other manner, after first securing a permit from the Board of Public Works to do so.
   (B)   Relocation required.  In those areas of the city where existing poles and wires have previously been authorized for use by a public utility and the public utility has leased excess capacity on its pole for use by other public utilities, all wires attached to the pole shall be relocated underground and the pole removed should the owner of the pole relocate its facilities underground.
('74 Code, § 22-5) (Am. Ord. G-24-98, passed 6-9-98)  Penalty, see § 99.999