No person placing or maintaining overhead wires for electric light or power purposes or for telephone, telegraph or other purposes, or the agents or employees of such person, shall place or maintain them so that they will interfere with or injure in any manner shade or ornamental trees in any of the public streets of the city or upon the private property of individuals within the city. No person in placing the electric, telegraph or other wiring or fixtures upon trees or connecting them therewith shall cut, hack or damage in any manner with an ax, knife, saw or any other instrument any of the trees; provided, that if the person desiring to place such wires over private property obtains the consent of the owners of such property to the trimming of tree thereon, it shall be sufficient authority for such trimming; provided further, that where it shall be necessary to string such wires in streets or public places and to trim the trees standing thereon, the same shall be done under the authority and direction of the superintendent of parks and city forester. It shall be the duty of the city forester to see that the provisions of this section are obeyed.
('74 Code, § 22-1)  Penalty, see § 99.999