A new application shall be required for the construction, remodeling, alteration or relocating of an entrance approach, driveway or cross-over. Any change in the character and entrance of the land use of the real estate, no matter how slight, shall be reviewed to determine if any alteration, relocation, or remodeling of the existing entrance, approach, driveway, or cross-over or new construction is required.  In the event it is determined that relocation, alteration, or modification of the existing entrance approach, driveway or crossover or new construction is required; a new application shall be governed by the same  rules and judged  by the same standards  as  an application for a permit for a wholly new entrance approach, driveway or cross-over.
('74 Code, § 25-33)  (Ord. G-06-74, passed - -74)  Penalty, see § 99.999