(A)   Application to the right-of-way permit department, Room 480, City-County Building, for permits to construct any entrance, driveway or approach connecting with any city street or alley, or to cut any curb along said street or to construct a crossover on said street shall be made on the form as prescribed by the Board of Public Works.  ('74 Code, § 25-31)
   (B)   There shall be an application fee submitted with each application in the following amounts:
      (1)   Residential (Class I, II, or V access): $40 each entrance.
      (2)   Commercial (Class III, IV or V access, without taper or passing lanes): $200 each entrance.
      (3)   Commercial (Class III, IV or access, with taper or passing lanes): $400 each entrance.
   (C)   Such application fees represent a processing charge and are non-refundable.
('74 Code, § 25-32)
(Ord. G-06-74, passed - -74; Am. Ord. R-76-91, passed 12-17-91; Am. Ord. G-24-98, passed 6-9-98)