The grass plot between the sidewalk and street must be measured and depending on the width of the strip the tree planted, in the center of the strip or as recommended by the Board of Park Commissioners. No tree shall be planted in the corner grass plots of intersecting streets. Where the parkway space of the street intersecting a street along which trees are to be planted is three feet or more in width, then no tree shall be planted closer than 20 feet from the inside edge of such intersecting street sidewalk. No tree shall be planted closer than 15 feet from inside the intersecting street sidewalk. Departure from this spacing may, in extreme cases, be authorized by the Board of Park Commissioners.  In all cases trees shall be planted at least 40 feet apart irrespective of the size of the abutting lots along any street.
('74 Code, § 30-8)  (Ord. G-85-66, passed - -66)  Penalty, see § 99.999