All applications for permits under these regulations shall be accompanied by clear drawings. One drawing is to accompany each application form. Information to be shown on drawings shall include the following as applicable:
   (A)   Driveway and approaches.
   (B)   A legal description of the property to be served by the permit together with a legal description of the adjoining land owned or controlled by the applicant.
   (C)   Right of-way lines and property lines.
   (D)   Site plan showing parking, interior drives, buildings, etc.
   (E)   Distance to intersecting roads, streets, railways, or crossovers within 500 feet.
   (F)   Width of right of-way.
   (G)   Width and type of road surface.
   (H)   Necessary and existing pipe, tile, or other drains stating size and kind.
   (I)   Distance from right-of-way line to gasoline pumps.
   (J)   Type of surface and construction (base, surface, etc.) of driveways.
   (K)   Type of surface and construction (base, surface, etc.) of approaches.
   (L)   Proposed turning radii.
   (M)   Proposed treatment of right-of-way adjacent to and between approaches.
   (N)   Rate of slope or grade of approaches and driveways.
   (O)   Show distance to and design of net drives on both sides of street both directions) if within 500 feet.
   (P)   All adjacent parcels owned or controlled by the applicant and whether the same are intended for use with access requested.
   (Q)   All parcels intended for use with requested access.
('74 Code, § 25-36)  (Ord. G-06-74, passed - -74; Am. Ord. G-08-06, passed 7-25-06)  Penalty, see § 99.999