General Provisions
   98.01   Engineers to be furnished copies of regulations; furnishing names of employees charged with violation
   98.02   Signs to be erected where railroad enters city
   98.03   Placing obstructions, loading materials in streets
   98.04   Laying tracks without permission
   98.05   Flaggers to give notice of approaching trains; police powers
   98.06   Removal of animals kills by locomotive or cars
Standards of Operation
   98.20   Rate of speed
   98.21   Ringing bell while in motion
   98.22   Blowing whistle
   98.23   Blowing of whistles and ringing of bells prohibited at specific crossings
   98.24   Watchman at rear of train while boarding
   98.25   Head lights
   98.26   Engine or train of cars obstructing city streets
Railroad Crossings
   98.35   Separating trains
   98.36   Grading and paving of streets and sidewalks where tracks intersect with cars
   98.37   Special protection required at Taylor Street crossing
   98.99   Penalty