(A)   Permits for private or commercial crossovers will not be approved unless the distance to the nearest existing crossover is in accordance with the access standards manual, unless the applicant can prove to the satisfaction of the Board of Public Works that the location of the crossover will not be detrimental to the safety of the traveling public.  ('74 Code, § 25-53)
   (B)   When the taper of a proposed driveway approach will create, because of the addition of such taper and its proximity to an adjacent similar taper, hazardous and erratic traffic movements; the entire area between said tapers must be paved, thus forming a continuous full lane between the approaches of which such tapers are a part. ('74 Code, § 25-54)
   (C)   All entrances and approaches shall be located  so  as  to  provide  adequate  sight  distance in both directions along the street for safe access to the  street  without  interfering with traffic. ('74 Code, § 25-55)
   (D)   No entrance or approach shall be located or constructed so as to interfere with or prevent the proper location of necessary street signs or other traffic control devices.  ('74 Code, § 25-56)
   (E)   No approach radii shall be so constructed that  any  part  of  such  radii  extends  in  front of property belonging to persons other than the permittee unless both property owners sign a joint application for a permit. ('74 Code, § 25-57)
(Ord. G-06-74, passed - -74)  Penalty, see § 99.999