(a)   If a contractor fails to cooperate in reaching mutually satisfactory solutions or to implement contract compliance agreements previously made, the Affirmative Action Officer shall review such cases to determine whether or not further efforts to reach alternative solutions are desirable. Depending upon the nature of the problem, such alternatives may involve contact with industry or related labor unions or requesting the assistance of the State Civil Rights Commission, the Office of Federal Contract Compliance and/or the particular Federal agency involved.
   (b)   If the Affirmative Action Officer determines that the contractor has violated or has failed to comply with the equal opportunity requirements of the contract after affording such contractor a reasonable time to correct his or her situation, and where negotiations have been of no avail, the Affirmative Action Officer shall submit written findings and shall transmit such findings and subsequent recommendations to the Mayor and the statutory department directors. If the violation or noncompliance cannot be resolved in the Mayor's office, it will be forwarded to the proper Federal agency.
   (c)   If specific discriminatory practices are found to exist in the administration and enforcement of the affirmative action program, then, in addition to the sanctions that may be imposed as provided by the terms of the contract, the City may forward all pertinent information to the appropriate Federal and State agencies.
(Ord. 83-90. Passed 4-4-83.)