Permits and Fees
1301.01   Time limit; building fees; deposits; refunds.
1301.02   Electrical fees.
1301.03   Plumbing fees.
1301.031   Commercial plumbing fees.
1301.04   Heating and air-conditioning fees.  (H.V.A.C.)
1301.041   Fire protection systems.
1301.05   Temporary certificate of occupancy compliance deposit.
1301.06   Deposits generally; inspection bond.
1301.07   Curb cutting, driveway, sidewalk and tunnel fees and deposits.
1301.08   Moving of buildings; bond; permit fee for garages.
1301.09   Moving buildings from outside corporate limits.
1301.10   Septic tank permit.
1301.11   Visual inspection requirement; refusal to issue building permit.
1301.12   Appeal of building permit refusal.
1301.13   Grade and drainage plan; deposit; permit fee; forfeiture.
1301.14   Copies; cost.
1301.15   Maintenance bond requirement.
1301.16   Performance bond for new residential, commercial and industrial structures.
1301.17   Additional fee for inspections during non-regular hours.
1301.18   Permits; fees; notices.
1301.99   Penalty.
Multi-family unit builders' recreation fees - see P. & Z. 1145.16
Building permit for Business Districts - see P. & Z. 1147.09
Building permit for Industrial Districts - see P. & Z. 1149.11
Zoning Board of Appeals - see P. & Z. Ch. 1163
Permit for signs - see BLDG. 1347.02 et seq.
Building permit for public buildings - see BLDG. 1357.02 et seq.
Building permit for residential swimming pools - see BLDG. 1359.02
Permit for fences - see BLDG.  1361.02
Permit for multiple dwelling and rooming houses - see BLDG. 1385.16