Chapter 8 NUISANCES*
Article I. In General
   Sec. 8-1.   Prohibition.
   Sec. 8-2.   Notice to abate.
   Sec. 8-3.   Abatement by city.
   Sec. 8-4.   Charges as lien against premises.
   Sec. 8-5.   Exemption.
   Secs. 8-6 - 8-20.   Reserved.
Article II. Abandoned, Junked and Inoperative Motor Vehicles and Appliances; Outdoor Storage of Raw Materials; Portable Moving and Storage Units
   Sec. 8-21.   Definitions.
   Sec. 8-22.   Maintaining nuisance unlawful; exemption.
   Sec. 8-23.   Declared public nuisance.
   Sec. 8-24.   Supplementary provision.
   Sec. 8-25.   Enforcement officers; right or entry.
   Sec. 8-26.   Notice.
   Sec. 8-27.   Hearing.
   Sec. 8-28.   Appeals.
   Sec. 8-29.   Failure to abate.
   Sec. 8-30.   Liability.
   Sec. 8-31.   Actions considered compliance.
   Sec. 8-32.   Penalties.
   Secs. 8-33 - 8-40.   Reserved.
Article III. Control of Sounds
   Sec. 8-41.   Applicability.
   Sec. 8-42.   Terminology and standards.
   Sec. 8-43.   Maximum permissible sound levels by use occupancy category.
   Sec. 8-44.   Specific prohibitions against different types of noises.
   Sec. 8-45.   Method of sound level measurement.
   Sec. 8-46.   Exempt noise.
   Sec. 8-47.   Special permits to exceed noise levels.
   Sec. 8-48.   Inspections.
   Sec. 8-49.   Enforcement responsibility.
   Sec. 8-50.   Penalties.
   *Cross references-Removal of dangerous or unlawful vegetation or structures from cemeteries, § 5-16; garbage and trash, Ch. 7; offenses, Ch. 9; water and sewer service, § 18-16 et. s