§ 8-2.  Notice to abate.
   (a)   Whenever a situation is discovered which violates section 8-1, the code enforcement officer shall give five (5) days' written notice by:
      (1)   Mailing written notice of the violation to the property owner at the last known address as listed on the current tax assessment roll;
      (2)   Posting the written notice of the violation in a conspicuous place on the property; or
      (3)   Personally serving, or causing to be personally served, the property owner with the written notice of violation, or any combination hereof, in the discretion of the code enforcement officer.
The written notice shall adequately describe the property cited, state the general nature of the violation, and indicate that if the violation, is not corrected within five (5) days of the issuance of the notice, a citation against the property owner shall be issued and the city may take steps to correct the violation at the property owner's expense.
   (b)   Once each in every April, June and August, the code enforcement officer shall cause this article to be published in a local newspaper as a reminder of its contents; however, failure to publish same shall not be excuse for violation of same, and violators of this article shall be forthwith summoned to appear before the court to be dealt with according to law.
(Code 1977, § 60.030; Ord. No. 1424, §§ 1, 2, 3-27-90)