Article I. In General
    Secs. 6.5 - 6.5-20.   Reserved.
Article II. Flood Damage Prevention
   Sec. 6.5-21.   Statutory authorization, findings of fact, purpose and objectives.
   Sec. 6.5-22.   Definitions.
   Sec. 6.5-23.   General provisions.
   Sec. 6.5-24.   Administration.
   Sec. 6.5-25.   Provisions for flood hazard reduction.
   Sec. 6.5-26.   Appeals and variance procedures.
   Secs. 6.5-27 - 6.5-30.   Reserved.
Article III. Flood Hazard Areas and Stormwater Management
   Sec. 6.5-31.   Purpose.
   Sec. 6.5-32.   Objectives.
   Sec. 6.5-33.   Definitions.
   Sec. 6.5-34.   Notification.
   Sec. 6.5-35.   Warning and disclaimer of liability.
   Sec. 6.5-36.   Lands to which this article applies.
   Sec. 6.5-37.   Interpretation of the flood hazard boundaries.
   Sec. 6.5-38.   Applicable standards.
   Sec. 6.5-39.   Special permit uses.
   Sec. 6.5-40.   Procedures and standards for issuing special permits.
   Sec. 6.5-41.   Appeal from a decision of the City Engineer.
   Sec. 6.5-42.   Floodplain variances.
   Sec. 6.5-43.   The City Engineer’s responsibilities.
   Sec. 6.5-44.   Ecological Hazard Districts (EHD) and General Floodplain Districts (GFD).
   Sec. 6.5-45.   Nonconforming uses.
   Sec. 6.5-46.   Existing structures not nonconforming
   Sec. 6.5-47.   Enforcement.
   Sec. 6.5-48.   Penalties.
   Secs. 6.5-49 - 6.5-50.   Reserved.
Article IV. Stormwater Management Fee
   Sec. 6.5-51.   Findings; authority.
   Sec. 6.5-52.   Definitions.
   Sec. 6.5-53.   Stormwater management fund—establishment; purpose.
   Sec. 6.5-54.   Stormwater management fee.
   Sec. 6.5-55.   Classification of property for determination of stormwater management fee.
   Sec. 6.5-56.   Rates.
   Sec. 6.5-57.   Fee for tax-exempt properties; exemptions.
   Sec. 6.5-58.   Assessment notices.
   Sec. 6.5-59.   When payable; penalties; lien on rental property; abatement of small amounts due.
   Sec. 6.5-60.   Request for correction of stormwater management fee.
Article V. Erosion and Sediment Control
   Sec. 6.5-61.   Intent.
   Sec. 6.5-62.   Definitions.
   Sec. 6.5-63.   Scope of coverage.
   Sec. 6.5-64.   Exceptions.
   Sec. 6.5-65.   Erosion and sediment control plans.
   Sec. 6.5-66.   Best management practices.
   Sec. 6.5-67.   Requirements for low density residential projects.
   Sec. 6.5-68.   Violations and penalties.
   Secs. 6.5-69 - 6.5-75.   Reserved.
Article VI. Detection and Elimination of Illicit Discharges into the Storm Sewer System
   Sec. 6.5-76.   Intent and objectives.
   Sec. 6.5-77.   Definitions.
   Sec. 6.5-78.   Applicability.
   Sec. 6.5-79.   Responsibility for administration.
   Sec. 6.5-80.   Ultimate responsibility.
   Sec. 6.5-81.   Discharge prohibitions.
   Sec. 6.5-82.   Suspension of access to the storm drainage system.
   Sec. 6.5-83.   Industrial and construction activity discharges.
   Sec. 6.5-84.   Monitoring of discharges.
   Sec. 6.5-85.   Best management practices.
   Sec. 6.5-86.   Protection of the waters of Danville.
   Sec. 6.5-87.   Notification of spills.
   Sec. 6.5-88.   Enforcement, relief and penalties.
   Sec. 6.5-89.   Remedies not exclusive.
   Secs. 6.5-90 - 6.5-95.   Reserved.
Article VII. Post-Development Stormwater Runoff
   Sec. 6.5-96.   Intent.
   Sec. 6.5-97.   Definitions.
   Sec. 6.5-98.   Scope of coverage.
   Sec. 6.5-99.   Review of stormwater management plan.
   Sec. 6.5-100.   General requirements for post-construction stormwater control.
   Sec. 6.5-101.   Ownership and maintenance responsibilities of stormwater facilities.
   Sec. 6.5-102.   Issuance of certificate of occupancy.
   Sec. 6.5-103.   Right of entry.
   Sec. 6.5-104.   Enforcement.
   Sec. 6.5-105.   Compatibility with other permits and ordinance requirements.