Article I. In General.
   Sec. 5-1.   Scope.
   Sec. 5-2.   Maps and plats.
   Sec. 5-3.   Rules, regulations and standard operating procedures.
   Sec. 5-4.   Sale of lots.
   Sec. 5-5.   Fees.
   Sec. 5-6.   Level of cornerstone, grade of lots.
   Sec. 5-7.   Use of gates only for entrance or exit.
   Sec. 5-8.   Use of vehicles.
   Sec. 5-9.   Trespass on lots and enclosures.
   Sec. 5-10.   Damaging vegetation of structures.
   Sec. 5-11.   Reserved.
   Sec. 5-12.   Dogs prohibited.
   Sec. 5-13.   Poultry or livestock prohibited.
   Sec. 5-14.   Children restricted.
   Sec. 5-15.   Misconduct.
   Sec. 5-16.   Removal of dangerous or unlawful vegetation or structures.
   Sec. 5-17.   Cemetery-related business prohibited; city business only.
   Secs. 5-18-5-30.   Reserved.
Article II. Cemetery Committee
   Sec. 5-31.   Created.
   Sec. 5-32.   Composition; appointment.
   Sec. 5-33.   Compensation.
   Sec. 5-34.   Terms.
   Sec. 5-35.   Filling of vacancies.
   Sec. 5-36.   Officers, rules and regulations, quorum.
   Sec. 5-37.   Duties and responsiblities.
   *Cross reference--Streets, sidewalks and other public places, Ch. 14.
   State law references--Powers with respect to cemeteries, KRS 97.530; protection of burial grounds by city, KRS 381.690; care of burial grounds by owners, KRS 381.700; evidence of dedication or use of land as burying ground, KRS 381.710; abandoned cemeteries, KRS 381.720 et seq.