Chapter 9 OFFENSES*
   Sec. 9-1.   Damaging streets, driveways and curbs.
   Sec. 9-2.   Spitting in public places.
   Sec. 9-3.   Discharging guns, slings or similar weapons.
   Sec. 9-4.   Removal of shopping carts from retail business establishments without consent.
   Sec. 9-5.   Loitering.
   Sec. 9-6.   Display of sexual materials to minors.
   Sec. 9-7.   Smoking in public places and places of employment.
   Sec. 9-8.   Carrying concealed deadly weapons in city buildings.
   *Cross references--Nuisances, Ch. 8; traffic and motor vehicles, Ch. 17.
   State law references--Crimes and punishments, KRS Ch. 431 et seq.; state penal code, KRS Ch. 500 et seq.