§ 8-48.  Inspections.
   The NCO and law enforcement officers may:
   (1)   Upon presentation of proper credentials, enter and inspect any private property or place, and inspect any report or records at any reasonable time when granted permission by the owner, or by some other person with apparent authority to act for the owner.  When permission is refused or cannot be obtained, a search warrant may be obtained from a court of competent jurisdiction upon showing of probable cause to believe that a violation of this article may exist.  Such inspection may include administration of any necessary tests.
   (2)   Stop any motor vehicle, motorcycle or motorboat operated on a public right-of-way, public space or public waterway that the law enforcement officer or the NCO has probable cause to believe is violating any provision of this article; issue an abatement order; and/or require the motor vehicle, motorcycle or motorboat to be inspected or tested as the law enforcement officer or NCO may reasonably require.
(Ord. No. 1454, § 8, 2-11-91)