Chapter 19 ZONING*
   Sec. 19-1.   Adoption of zoning provisions.
   *Editor's note--Ord. No. 1399, adopted July 13, 1988, which adopted the "Zoning Ordinance for Boyle County and the Cities of Danville, Junction City and Perryville," was not specifically amendatory of the Code; therefore, it has been treated as superseding the provisions of former § 19-1 and § 19-2, and adopted by reference as § 19-1 at the discretion of the editor. Former § 19-1, provisions saved from repeal, derived from the Code of 1977, §§ 101.120-101.616; and former § 19-2, amendments, derived from Ord. No. 1364, adopted May 27, 1986. Copies of the zoning ordinance are on file and available for inspection in the office of the city clerk.
   Cross references--Any zoning map amendment saved from repeal, § 1-7(13); buildings and building regulations, Ch. 4; flood damage prevention and control, Ch. 6.5; parks and recreation, Ch. 10; planning Ch. 12; streets, sidewalks and other public places, Ch. 14; subdivision regulations, Ch. 15.
   State law reference--Planning and zoning, KRS Ch. 100.