Sec. 4.5-1.   Scope and applicability.
   Sec. 4.5-2.   Notice of commencement of regulation.
   Sec. 4.5-3.   Rate filings by operator.
   Sec. 4.5-4.   Support for rate filings: burden of proof.
   Sec. 4.5-5.   Decreases in external costs.
   Sec. 4.5-6.   Approval of city necessary.
   Sec. 4.5-7.   Timing of rate filing.
   Sec. 4.5-8.   Notice to subscribers.
   Sec. 4.5-9.   Information to be provided.
   Sec. 4.5-10.   Quarterly filing system or cost-of-service system; effective date or rates; tolling periods.
   Sec. 4.5-11.   Annual filing system: effective date of rates.
   Sec. 4.5-12.   Rates for equipment and installation.
   Sec. 4.5-13.   Change in regulatory status.
   Sec. 4.5-14.   Rates subject to refunds.
   Sec. 4.5-15.   Certification of compliance.
   Sec. 4.5-16.   Public notice.
   Sec. 4.5-17.   Proprietary information.
   Sec. 4.5-18.   Decision.
   Sec. 4.5-19.   Compliance with FCC regulations.
   Sec. 4.5-20.   Enforcement.
   Sec. 4.5-21.   Effective date.
   Sec. 4.5-22.   Headings.