§ 8-4.  Charges as lien against premises.
   If the cost of the abatement is not paid by the property owner within thirty (30) days of the notice being provided by the city, the city shall have a lien against the property for the reasonable value of labor and materials used in remedying the violation under section 8-3.  The affidavit of the code enforcement officer shall constitute prima facie evidence of the amount of the lien and the regularity of the proceedings pursuant to this article, and shall be recorded in the office of the county clerk within thirty (30) days following the abatement of the violation. The lien shall be notice to all persons from the time of its recording and shall bear interest at twelve percent (12%) per annum thereafter until paid. The city shall have the option of enforcing collection of that fee or charge against the responsible persons either by filing of an appropriate civil action or by enforcement of the lien.  The city may also send notice of the continuing existence of the lien to the property owner along with the property owner's annual ad valorem tax bill, although each may be paid separately, and may advertise any liens created hereunder as unpaid assessment.
(Code 1977, § 60.030; Ord. No. 1424, § 4, 3-27-90; Am. Ord. No. 1622, 4-8-02)