§ 8-29.  Failure to abate.
   (a)   Upon the failure, neglect or refusal to abate a public nuisance pursuant to this article by any owner-occupant or owner of private property who has been notified and ordered to abate such public nuisance within the times as set forth in section 8-26, the code enforcement officer is hereby authorized, empowered and directed to remove same and dispose of it.
   (b)   The cost of such removal and disposal shall be accounted for by the code enforcement officer, and where the full amount due the city for such service is not paid by such owner within thirty (30) days after the disposal of such nuisance, then and in that case, the code enforcement officer shall cause to be recorded in the county court clerk's office a sworn statement showing the cost and expenses incurred for the work, the date the work was done, and the location of the property on which such work was done. The recordation of such sworn statement shall constitute a lien and privilege on the property, and shall remain in full force and effect for the amount due in principal and interest, plus cost of court, if any, for collection, until final payment has been made.  Sworn statements recorded in accordance with the provisions of this article shall be prima facie evidence that all legal formalities have been complied with, and shall be full notice to every person concerned that the amount of the statement, plus interest, constitutes a charge against the property designated or described in the statement, and that the same is due and collectible as provided by law.
(Code 1977, § 65.020(6); Ord. No. 1692, § 7, 11-28-05)