Article I. In General
   Sec. 6-1.   Fire protection service for industrial and commercial properties located outside the city limits.
   Sec. 6-2.   Open burning prohibited, exceptions.
   Sec. 6-3.   Sale and use of fireworks.
   Secs. 6-4 - 6-15.   Reserved.
Article II. Standards of Safety
   Sec. 6-16.   Adoption of Standards of Safety.
   Sec. 6-17.   Enforcement.
   Sec. 6-18   Penalties
   Sec. 6-19.   Penalties not precluding actions.
   Secs. 6-20 - 6-30.   Reserved.
Article III. Fire Prevention Code
   Sec. 6-31.   Adoption of the NFPA Fire Prevention Code (NFPA 1).
   Sec. 6-32.   Fire prevention bureau.
   Sec. 6-33.   Definitions.
   Sec. 6-34.   Modifications.
   Sec. 6-35.   Appeals.
   Sec. 6-36.   New materials, processes or occupancies which may require permits.
   Sec. 6-37.   Construction.
   Sec. 6-38   Penalties
   *Cross references-Police and fire department, § 2-111 et seq.; board of trustees of policemen's and firefighter's pension fund, § 2-156 et seq.; buildings and building regulations, Ch. 4; parking restricted near fire hydrants and fire lanes, § 17-37; fire hydrant regulations for water extensions, § 18-39.
   State law reference--Fire prevention and protection, KRS Ch. 227.