§ 3131.09 Inspection and Approval
   (a)   All heating, ventilating or air conditioning systems installed or altered shall be inspected and subject to approval by the Commissioner while in the process of installation and upon completion of the following stages:
      (1)   When system has been roughed in and connected;
      (2)   When the system is completely installed and ready to operate;
      (3)   In alteration work, all new work shall be inspected.
   (b)   No work shall be covered up or otherwise concealed before it has been inspected and approved. The Commissioner may require the removal of any covering which has been placed over the work which has not been inspected and approved.
   (c)   No heating, ventilating or air conditioning system, and no altered system, including systems where furnaces have been replaced, shall be used for heating any building until such use has been authorized by the Commissioner.
   (d)   The Commissioner may seal, or order the sealing, of any furnace installed in violation of OBBC or this Building Code or found to be a hazard to life or property, and such seal shall not be removed without written authority for such removal given by the Commissioner.