§ 3131.05 Approval of Devices and Installations
   (a)   All heating devices, appliances, accessories, and controls shall be of a type approved by the Board of Building Standards and Building Appeals. Devices, appliances, accessories, or controls approved by the Underwriters Laboratories, Inc., or the American Gas Association, or tested and approved by other nationally recognized testing laboratory which possesses adequate equipment, experience, and competency in this field, may be approved by the Board without additional tests.
   (b)   No heating equipment or other equipment which produces or may produce smoke, or toxic, noxious or obnoxious gases, or fly ash or dust, shall be installed except in conformity with the Air Pollution Code and the rules and regulations governing such installations promulgated by the Commissioner of Air Pollution Control. Installations of such equipment, except heating equipment in dwelling houses or serving only one (1) dwelling unit, shall be made only if approved by the Commissioner of Air Pollution Control and shall be subject to his or her approval of the completed installation.
   (c)   All such installations shall also be subject to the approval of the Commissioner.