§ 3131.11 Approved Standards for Installations
   (a)   All installations coming under this chapter and OBBC shall be installed in conformity with the provisions of OBBC and this Building Code and accepted safe practice.
   (b)   Ventilating and exhaust systems installed for the purpose of removing toxic or noxious fumes, vapors or gases, or other fumes, vapors or gases which may be detrimental to health, or which may create a nuisance, shall also conform to the applicable rules and regulations of the Division of Air Pollution Control.
   (c)   Except as otherwise provided in OBBC and this Building Code, or in statutes, or in rules or regulations promulgated by authority of statute, or in other ordinances, conformity with NFiPA standard 90A entitled “Installation of Air Conditioning and Ventilation Systems” and NFiPA standard 90B entitled “Warm Air Heating and Air Conditioning Systems, Residence Type” as listed in Section 3101.07 shall be accepted as conformity with accepted safe practice; provided that for one (1), two (2) and three (3) family dwellings the Board of Building Standards and Building Appeals may change, modify or supplement any of the requirements of such standards when deemed necessary in the interest of public safety or to further define accepted safe practice.
   (d)   When deemed necessary for safety to life or property, the Commissioner may require compliance with NFiPA standards 90A and 90B.